Angler's choice Value Pack An over $50.00 value for just $19.99 plus S&H
  • Tangle Free Fishing Rig Storage
  • Saves Time and Money
  • Great for ALL Freshwater & Saltwater Rigs
  • 100’s of Rig Storage Uses
  • 30 Day Risk Free Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Spend Your Time Fishing, Not Rigging
  • Tangle Free Tackle Box Storage
  • Keep Several In Your Pocket


The age old problem of rig storage is solved!
Nothing gets you on the bite faster and easier than rigrap!

Fish more! Catch More! Stay Tangle Free!

100's of Rig Storage Uses
How easy is it to stay tangle free, Unlatch, Open, Set end of leader, wrap leader, set hook or bait, close, latch, Yeah - that easy
Riprag's angler choice value pack includes 8 yellow, 4 orange, 2 red, 1 lurelocker4 and a RigRack12 with mounting accessories
Rigrap Yellow 8512
Rigrap Orange 8524
Rigrap Red 16524
Rigrap Lurelocker4
Rigrap Rigrack12

Spool Capacity Chart

Pre-tie your rigs in the comfort of your home.
Store your rigs tangle free. Get on the bite faster with Rigrap!

Fish more! Catch More! Stay Tangle Free!

Here are just a few comments from our fellow anglers!

“Great deal on a product that will save you time whether just fun fishing or tournament fishing! I use these handy containers for pre-tying my dropshot rigs and Carolina rigs!” – Randy Howell, Bassmaster Elite Pro Angler and 2014 Bassmaster Classic Champion

“RIGRAP is the best solution I have ever used to keep rigs and leaders, pre-tied and ready. I’m on the bite faster and catching more due to RIGRAPs extraordinary usefulness – RIGRAPs aren’t just a want to have, but a must have for every angler.” – Charlie Wray, Host of Canada’s Premier Fishing Show – The Fishful Thinking Show

“If you haven’t tried these – you need to! They are a must for keeping leaders, crankbaits etc. Tie up some leaders and store – when needed instead of wasting time making them up while fishing, I’m ready with a bunch of loaded RIGRAPs all the time!” – Jason E.

“Do your rigging at home and fish while on the water! Try RIGRAP out! Organization and tangle free, I lov’em!”
– David M

“I was a nonbeliever at first, but was I wrong. What a great accessory to have in my tackle box. Super great product!”
– Jimmy F

RIGRAPs easily store in your tackle box or bag

RIGRAPs can be clipped on your fishing rod

Easily Place A Few RIGRAPs In Your Pocket

Store Your RIGRAPs In A RIGRAP Storage Accessory

As seen TV
Angler's choice Value Pack An over $50.00 value for just $19.99 plus S&H

We’ve assembled over $50.00 of RIGRAP’s most popular storage solutions and packaged them up in a huge cost saving, tangle free Angler’s Choice Value Pack.

With RIGRAP you can pre-tie all your rigs, store them tangle free and when you hit the water your time can be spent fishing, not rigging!

Included with each RIGRAP Angler’s Choice Value Pack:

  • 8 Yellow 8512
  • 4 Orange 8524
  • 2 Red 16524
  • 1 RIGRACK12 (with mounting accessories)

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YES! I want my FREE THREADER Multi-Tool

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Deluxe Pack - Best Value

RIGRAP Angler’s Choice Deluxe Rig Storage and Accessory Bundle

For A Limited Time We’re Offering An Over $150.00 Value All For Under $75.00!

$74.99 + $19.99 S&H

If you like staying organized and prefer spending your time fishing rather than tying rigs, then you will want to take advantage of this hugely popular RIGRAP Deluxe Rig Storage and Accessory Bundle.

Not only does this RIGRAP Deluxe Bundle offer a multitude of RIGRAP’s popular storage sizes it also includes a RIGRAP RIGPAC Storage Case, the unique Threader multi-tool and a pair of RIGRAP’s amazing new CERAMAX hand crafted serrated ceramic blade super cutters. The RIGRAP CERAMAX Super Cutters are rust free, light weight, last up to 10 times longer than the best steel cutters and repeatedly cut through braided fishing line up to 300#s like a hot knife through butter.

Included with RIGRAP’s Angler’s Choice Deluxe Rig Storage & Accessory Bundle:

  • 16 Yellow 8512
  • 8 Orange 8524
  • 4 Red 16524
  • 2 RIGRACK12 (with mounting accessories)
  • 1 RIGRAP RIGPAC S-5 Storage Case
  • 1 RIGRAP CERAMAX Serrated Super Cutters
    (Includes a FREE Yellow 8512)
  • 1 THREADER Multi-Tool

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3 value pack for half price

RIGRAP’s Angler’s Choice Value Pack HALF PRICE Offer.

Only With Your Purchase, Get Up To 3 More RIGRAP Value Packs For Under $10.00!

$9.99 + $7.99 S&H

We’re confident that once you use RIGRAP, you’re going to want to store ALL your rigs tangle free in a RIGRAP. If you like to fish and enjoy staying rigged, ready and tangle free, then you’ll want to take advantage of this popular money saving offer.

Available ONLY to those that purchase an Angler’s Choice Value Pack or a RIGRAP Deluxe Storage and Accessory Bundle, you can buy up to 3 more Value Packs for only $9.99 + S&H.

Need a great gift for those other anglers in your life? A RIGRAP Value Pack or Deluxe Storage System will certainly be a gift they will enjoy for years to come.

Included with each RIGRAP Angler’s Choice Value Pack:

  • 8 Yellow 8512
  • 4 Orange 8524
  • 2 Red 16524
  • 1 RIGRACK12 (with mounting accessories)

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Storage Case
Storage Case

RIGRAP’s Exclusive RIGPAC S-5 Storage Case

Store Up To 50 RIGRAPs + A Fully Loaded RIGRACK12

$24.99 + $9.99 S&H

With RIGRAP’s exclusive RIGPAC your rigs can be pre-tied, stored tangle free, ready tofish while being stored neatly and secure in a compact carry case unlike anything available throughout the tackle storage industry.

The RIGRAP RIGPAC is an extremely lightweight and durable storage case made of a compressed EVA material sandwiched between a super durable fabric shell. The RIGRAP RIGPAC is designed to hold upwards of 50 RIGRAPs along with a fully loaded RIGRACK12. There a no metal parts to rust and if it ever finds its way overboard, no worries, it floats!


  • Lightweight & Durable
  • Holds upwards of 50 RIGRAPs (Yellow 8512s)
    + a fully loaded RIGRACK12
  • Measures only 14” wide x 9” High x 4” Deep
  • Rust Free Components
  • Built-in Inside Lid Utility Pocket

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Ceramax Super Cutters
Ceramax Super Cutters


The Most Advanced Braid Cutters Available Anywhere In The World!

$19.99 + $5.99 S&H

If you fish, you know that braided fishing line is more popular than ever. You also must know that cutting it is extremely challenging. Oh sure, you can buy a pair of metal cutters that might last for several cuts, but as you know, metal cutters dull very quickly when they are used to cut braid.

The RIGRAP CERAMAX Super Cutters put an end to dull blades and blunt, ineffective cuts. CERAMAX blades are handcrafted serrated ceramic blades that will cut up to 300# braid with ease. They’ll also cut monofilament and fluorocarbon line as well.

Made with rust free durable materials, your RIGRAP CERAMAX Super Cutters will cut braided line hundreds and hundreds of times without dulling.

Order your CERAMAX Super Cutters and add a great and long lasting tool to your tackle box today!

Included with each RIGRAP CERAMAX Super Cutter Pack:

  • 1 RIGRAP CERAMAX Super Cutter
  • 1 RIGRAP Yellow 8512
  • 90 Day Performance Guarantee

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The Compact and Handy THREADER Threads, Sharpens, Cuts and Stores

$5.99 + $3.99 S&H

The THREADER is one of those tools you’ll find having in your tackle box to be a real advantage.

It Threads: With its magnetic slots that hold most any hook or needle on one side, and its threading funnels on the other side, threading has never been quicker or easier. Just pass the line or thread into and through the funnel and pull your threaded hook or needle out the release slot and just like that your done threading.

It Sharpens: The THREADER is great for keeping your knives sharp too! Built into each THREADER Multi-Tool is a carbide knife sharpener that after just a few quick passes takes your blade from dull and useless to sharp and useful.

It Cuts: with The THREADER’s built-in recessed cutter, cutting a line or trimming off a tag line is quick and easy.

It Stores: In the center of each THREADER Multi-Tool is a compact storage compartment that works great for storing everything from small hooks and swivels to needles and thread.

Don’t Forget Get your FREE THREADER Multi-Tool with your Angler’s Choice Value Pack Order!

  • Threads
  • Sharpens
  • Cuts
  • Stores
  • Fits Easily in your Tackle Box or Pocket

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